The relationship between organizational justice and organizational citizenship behaviors: The mediating role of organizational commitment, satisfaction and trust S Article
Rezaiean A., Givi M.E., Givi H.E., Nasrabadi M.B.
Research Journal of Business Management Volume 4, Issue 2, 2010 , Pages 112-120
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This research aims to determine the most important organizational factors that can direct behaviors, attitudes and interactions of nurses in order to promote Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB). This study was conducted at Baqiat-Allah Hospital (one of the most important hospitals in Tehran) from 2009/03 to 2009/09. This is an research (based on its purpose) and descriptive research (based on the data collection method). The structural equation model was used to analyze data. Also a confirmatory factor analysis was used to assess the validity of the variables. The mediating role of commitment and job satisfaction in the relationship between organizational justice and OCB was confirmed. As a result, organizational justice has an indirect, positive and meaningful effect on OCB. Organizational trust was not an intermediary variable in the relationship between justice and OCB. Also the organizational justice effect on OCB did not have a significantly direct effect (p<0.05). Regarding the distinct role of OCB of service quality of hospitals and health service centers, attitude and behavioral factors such as job satisfaction, commitment and especially organizational justice and trust should be considered as shown in this research. آ© 2010 Academic Journals Inc.
Keywords :
Job satisfaction; Organizational citizenship behavior; Organizational commitment; Organizational justice; Organizational trust; Path analysis